Mermaid spritz

Mermaid spritz

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How to use DIY hair growth tonic {aka mermaid hair spray)

1. Shake well before and during use as essential oils can separate. Shaking helps to temporarily blend the oils and water together.
2. apply to wet hair (tip: You can also apply it to dry hair, but wetting your hair helps the hair growth tonic to soak in better.)
3. spray on scalp
4. massage into scalp
5. comb through hair
This spritz will help with frizzy hair, prompts hair growth and so much more
This hair product does come in a 4 ounce amber glass bottle


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As with many essential oil products, each person experiences varying levels of efficacy. Our products are developed based on our own personal experiences. Specific results are not guaranteed, and individual results may vary. We encourage everyone to research essential oil uses prior to using any essential oil products.

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